The M.O.R.D.O.R. project plans to hold several events aimed at scholars, students and stakeholders working on authoritarian contexts as well as democracy support and EU foreign policy. 

For students of the consortium we offered two Master Classes with full funding (travel, accommodation, tuition fee) to advanced undergraduate and graduate students working on the topics related to the Master Class. A selected number of places will opened up to non-consortium students (partial funding: accommodation, tuition fee). All applicants will follow the same section process. Each Master class hosted about 20-30 students for a duration of 8 or 10 days. Classes were taught by scholars from the M.O.R.D.O.R. consortium in addition to some guest lecturers. 

By the end on the project by 2024, we plan to organize some major events to promote our project outputs.

Check out our upcoming international conference: “Understanding Authoritarianism: New Frontiers in the Study of Dictatorship and Democracy.”

Master Class
on EU Foreign Policy
& Dem. Support

This MC was held at the University of Ljubljana, on 3-12 September 2023. (event has ended)

Master Class
on Advanced Dictatorship Research

This MC was held at the University of Ostrava, on 3-10 September 2022.
(event has ended)

White Paper Launch

This Seminar in Brussels is planned for March 2024, and will be organized by European Partnership for Democracy and Ghent University. The goals is to present our EU foreign policy recommendations and directly engage with EU-policy makers, enter in a dialog with EU stakeholders and Foreign Policy Analysts.

(details to be announced)

Other events

(details to be announced)

"Understanding Authoritarianism"
29-31 May 2024

We will hold an international conference on dictatorship research in May 2024 at the University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), where we will present the Encyclopedia Tyrannica - one of the M.O.R.D.O.R. project’s main outputs.

Democracy Day
Round Table

Planned for mid-September 2024 at the University of Ghent, this recorded event will host 1 or 2 prominent EU Foreign Policy Specialists and have them engage in a detailed discussion on EU democracy support, commenting the White Paper published several months earlier.
(details to be announced)