Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership for higher education


M.O.R.D.O.R. is a Erasmus+ project, co-funded by the European Union focusing on improving general education on authoritarianism and to prepare recommendations for EU foreign policy stakeholders regarding democracy support.

This project has two main goals. First, it aims to improve and strengthen the study and education of dictatorships worldwide by creating an encyclopedia and other didactic materials.
Second, it plans to make recommendations for EU foreign policy, concerning its democracy support strategies, capabilities and vision. We also develop smaller reports, info-graphics and analysis on EU democracy promotion activities.

3-12 July 2023
at Ljubljana University

Master Class on EU Foreign Policy & Democracy Support

Call for applications is now closed


Some basic information about the project and its scope
  • Full name: Mapping and Organizing Research on Dictatorships: Open access Repository
  • Acronym: M.O.R.D.O.R.
  • Grant type: Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership for higher education (KA220)
  • Project number: 2021-1-PL01-KA220-HED-000023034
  • Granted budget: 400,000 EUR
  • Duration: Start 1 November 2021 – (duration 36 months)
  • Consortium: 10 partners + 11 associated partners
  • Coordinating institution: Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland
  • Coordinator: Dr. Jeroen Van den Bosch
Some basic information about Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships

E+ Cooperation Partnerships aim to support the development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices as well as the implementation of joint initiatives promoting cooperation, peer learning and exchanges of experience at European level.

E+ Cooperation Partnerships supporting innovation are expected to develop innovative outputs, and/or engage into intensive dissemination and exploitation activities of existing and newly produced products or innovative ideas. 


Project Duration

Start 1 November 2021 – End 31 october 2024

Student Mobilities
Events Realized
“Un monde sans tyrans serait aussi ennuyeux qu’un jardin zoologique sans hyenes.”
– E. M. Cioran, Histoire et utopie
“The responsibility of power is like holding an egg. Grasp it too tightly and it will drip through your fingers; hold it too loosely and it will drop and break.”
– Ashanti proverb